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Yoga Props

Our bodies are individual and unique. We have different proportions, form, needs and abilities; which means we may need different types of support to get into certain poses comfortably and to enjoy the practice.

You've probably been to a yoga class or followed sessions online where props have been used or mentioned...I've certainly been encouraging the use of them even more in my classes. Props are fantastic items to have that can really enhance and personalise our practice, they enable us to explore more and develop over time. The cost of props nowadays is so affordable and definitely worth the investment. Using props is not a bad thing, and actually once you do use them more you really can see the benefits they offer. People have told me that they really have made a difference to their yoga practice. Below are a few examples of props used regularly, I am sharing links that take you to the Yoga Matters website, but just as examples so you can see dimensions, cost guidelines etc. The options as with most things are endless so have a look online for other styles.

Yoga Block - these are generally used for seated postures; they support, stabilise and align your body; raising your hips for a straighter spine. Generally 1 is sufficient. Yoga Brick - these are great for so many postures and are a great aid to your whole practice, and can be used for lots of poses. They can help stabilise and add height in standing and balancing poses, can be placed between the knees to activate the inner leg muscles, can support you in Half Pigeon to correct your posture and so much more! Generally 2 are sufficient. Yoga Strap - these are a great alternative to your dressing gown belt ;-). Mainly used to support you to extend and lengthen, there are countless ways to use a yoga belt to enhance your yoga postures. Yogamatters have also written a really useful and easy read blog to explain in a little more detail the benefits of props and examples of when they can be used - The ultimate guide to yoga props

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