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Hi there, I’m Cerrie Baines founder of Mindful Moves and passionate about creating a Mindful movement to help people create positive change and impact to their daily life.


I’ve felt the overwhelm from everyday stresses, increased anxiety, concerns about health, money worries and the wonder of there being more to life. 


One day I made a conscious decision; I wanted to make a positive change and create purpose in my life. I spent time looking at what I strongly value and feel is important to me and what I need to do to be a better version of myself, the version I want to be. 


I’m passionate about people getting the support and encouragement they need to achieve a better quality of life, to look after their mind and body, and to recognise their true potential.

Cerrie Baines

It’s required time and effort but has been worth every minute and every step. I finally feel more connected to myself and community, more confident in who I am and found my purpose in contributing to society, to help make it a happier and healthier place to be.


I’ve found by asking myself regularly is this a Mindful Move before doing something, that I make better choices or at least conscious and considered ones.


Through this I’ve improved my physical and mental health, my financial wellbeing, created a sustainable lifestyle and built a wonderful community of people from all walks of life. 


Integrity, compassion and empathy are extremely important to me. Treating people with kindness and helping them to feel seen is something I really feel passionate about. Giving time and listening to people, finding out who they are and what matters to them.


I am Cerrie Baines, CEO and Founder of Mindful Moves.

Our Mission Statement

Mindful Moves is a social movement, that aims to support people to make conscious and meaningful decisions for a better quality of life. 

We believe our Vision, Mission and Values create the foundations to make this possible. 

All Hands In

People trusting their intuition, feeling aligned with who they are and connected to community.

Yoga by the Sea

To help people unlock their confidence, find what truly matters, be happy and healthy - making mindful moves for a better quality of life.

Image by Ivana Cajina

Genuine Integrity

Embracing Compassion

Promoting Kindness

Empathetic Encouragement 

Supporting Resilience

Adaptability to Circumstance

Respecting Community 

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