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Health & Wellbeing Coaching

Feeling stuck, frustrated and something needs to change in your life?


Ready to revamp your lifestyle and wellbeing?


Our wellness is linked to the following key Components of Life:

  • Physical Health

  • Mental Health

  • Relationships

  • Community

  • Education & Career

  • Finance 

  • Personal Development

  • Environment.

If at any point one or more of these areas is out of balance, it can cause significant affects to an individuals physical, mental and emotional health, focus and productivity.

We are capable of achieving balance and moving past the feelings of being stuck, frustrated or overwhelmed. Sometimes we need support to get through challenging times.


Health and Wellbeing Coaching is the catalyst to help you move forwards, in a direction that feels more aligned with who you are. Supporting you to look after yourself better - body, mind and essence (spirit) and experiencing a better quality of life.


Without doubt change is a challenge, we’re essentially creating a new version of ourselves. As your coach, I will be the support, encouragement and energy that you need to help you achieve the results you desire and find fulfilment in your life.


Mindful Moves - Your Way

Our flagship coaching programme will help you to focus on the changes you want to create in your life. 


Together, we’ll explore your values, beliefs, passions and aspirations, allowing you to shape both your short-term and long-term future.


With a personalised plan of action (POA), we’ll incorporate mindful moves into your daily life, guiding your toward achieving your goals.


My commitment is to share my expertise, providing you with valuable knowledge, skills and a deeper understanding to lead a more fulfilling life. My aim is to inspire you to make Mindful Moves towards enhancing your health and wellbeing and having fun along the way.


​Are you ready to take a step towards opening up new possibilities and living a happier, healthier life?


Schedule a discovery call to find out more about my programmes and explore how we can work together to embark on your next chapter.


Book a free discovery call today!

Your Coaching Options

Mindful Moves coaching is flexible, appreciating people have different needs and move at a different pace.


There are options for you to choose from, including 6-week and 12-week packages, plus bespoke programmes depending on your needs.

What’s included?


Zoom or in person* sessions

Starter pack

Resources to support you along the way

Sustainable Fitness classes - Pilates/Yoga 

Mindfulness & Meditation classes

Regular mail outs

Touch base calls 

Vision Board session**


*London based

** only available with 12 week package


Payment Options


Packages start from £617. You have the option to pay in full

or instalments. See below.

Other payment plans are available upon request if you are experiencing financial pressures. 

Mindful Moves YOUR WAY - Programme PROMO 1.png

Your Way Programme

Choose a pricing plan that works for you

  • 6 Week - Your Way - Programme (£617)

    Every month
    This package entitles you to 6 coaching sessions + touch point calls - Payment Plan over 4 Months
    Valid for 4 months
    • Health & Wellbeing Coaching
  • 12 Week - Your Way - Programme (£1,167)

    Every month
    This package entitles you to 12 coaching sessions + touch point calls - Payment Plan over 6 Months
    • Health & Wellbeing Coaching

I started in- person classes with Cerrie about 4 years ago, then retired from work and moved house to the Herefordshire/Wales border, and so continue with yoga classes online. Yoga has helped me enormously, to be more grounded, more reflective, and to feel the positivity in small things, to be ‘in the moment’. Physically I feel strong, flexible and sleep better with regular yoga practice - I’d like to be still practising when I’m in my 80s!!

Lizzie, Herefordshire


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